2021 Virtual MMC WhistleStop

2021 Memorial Medical Center WhistleStop Virtual Marathon & Half Marathon Race Race fees for the Virtual WhistleStop Marathon & Half Marathon:
Registration for the virtual races closes September 17, 2021

Full Marathon 

$79.00  if registered by 9/17/2021

Half Marathon 

$79.00 if registered by 09/17/2021

Registration for the Virtual:

Fees include:

  • Bib
  • Shirt
  • Medal
  • Mailing costs
  • Listing of results
Gear will be mailed to the shipping address provided at the time of registration.

Any changes to your address must be sent to officemgr@visitashland.com prior to September 17. Additional charges or delays in shipping may apply for incorrect addresses.

Virtual Race Packets will be mailed out After September 17th. Participants in the virtual marathon will be able to submit results October 9 through October 24.  Submit results here.   Guidelines: Keep these guidelines in mind when completing your Virtual Race: 1. While there are no restrictions on where you complete your Virtual Race (except on the actual day of the WhistleStop Marathon  Half-Marathon) please follow all safety measures and ordinances that have been laid out by government agencies regarding COVID-19. 2. We know running on the WhistleStop course is enticing, however if you have registered for the virtual MMC WhistleStop the course is not open for you to use on October  9, 2021. 3. You can run your race between October 9, 2021 and October 24, 2021. 4. The virtual races are being conducted on an honor system! Please uphold the spirit of honest racing by running the full distance of your race, and reporting accurate times. 5. Participating in the virtual marathon does not allow you to qualify you for the Boston Marathon.  You must participate in the actual Memorial Medical Center WhistleStop Full Marathon and qualify with a time designated by Boston Marathon. Submit Virtual Times - not available at this time.  Will be available starting October 9th.