5K/10K Form

Registration for the 2024 Tamarack Health 5K/10K is OPEN!

Tamarack Health WhistleStop 5K/10K

When registration opens there are 2 ways you can enter:

NO FRIDAY NIGHT REGISTRATION, so if you are thinking about participating register NOW!

Registration for the WhistleStop Full or Half-Marathon.

Entry fees are not refundable.
It is the primary goal of the WhistleStop Marathon to ensure a safe event for all involved. We will not expose participants or the community as a whole to undue risk as a result of staging our event. There may be times when we feel it is unsafe to continue with the race(s). While we recognize the aspirations and commitment of those that have entered the race(s), we will make decisions about the race(s) based on the participation population as a whole. Furthermore, if the community resources are threatened we will act to protect them from unnecessary stress.

Specifically, when pandemics, weather, or other physical conditions present a danger to participants as a whole, we maintain the right to cancel the race(s). Less threatening conditions could result in an alteration of the course or race length to promote a more safe result for the participants. These conditions will be recognized as “an act of God” and will not result in the refunding of race entry fees or future race credits. The staging of a race of this magnitude results in substantial expense prior to the actual race itself. Thus, in the event of a forced cancellation of the event, it is very likely that the financial impact on the race would not be any different than if the race was held without compromise.

We will not defer registrants to 2025.