Frequently Asked Questions

Is WhistleStop Marathon a Boston qualifier?
Yes.  The WhistleStop Marathon is a qualifier for the Boston Marathon.  Please keep your official race result receipt to verify your qualifying time with Boston Marathon race officials. We also e-mail our race results to the Boston Marathon officials for proof.  The 2021 Virtual Memorial Medical Center WhistleStop Marathon does not qualify for Boston.

Does WhistleStop Cap it’s races?
In a normal year we do not cap our races.  Due to Covid WE WILL be capping our races.  The Full Marathon will be capped at 400, the Half-Marathon will be capped at 1400, the 5K & 10K will each be capped at 150.   So do not delay and register early to make sure you get in!

How do I register?

  • In Person Marathon or Half Marathon the best way in 2021, since we are capping the race,  is to register online.
  • you can either register online or by printing a registration form from our website and mailing it in, stopping by the Chamber Office in Ashland, if we have spots left (from the cap amount) at packet pick-up on Friday evening October 8, 2021 we will allow registration from 12noon to 9pm at the Bretting Community Center in Ashland.  NO Saturday/Race Day registrations.
  • Virtual Marathon & Half- Marathon
  • 5K or 10K, Cruisin’ the Corridor you can either register online, by printing a registration form from our website and mailing it in, stopping by the Chamber Office or the Vaughn Public Library in Ashland,  if we have spots left (from the cap amount) at packet pick-up on Friday evening October 8, 2021 we will allow registration from 12noon to 9pm at the Bretting Community Center in Ashland There are NO Saturday/Race  Day registrations.

How do I know if I am registered?

  • If you registered online, you will receive an email from Chronotrack after you register.  This is your race confirmation.  If you don’t see an email in your in box, check your junk mail.
  • If you registered for the WhistleStop Marathon or Half Marathon by mail you will receive a confirmation email of your acceptance into the WhistleStop Marathon or Half Marathon race.
  • You can also call our office at (715) 682-2500 or e-mail us at officemgr@visitashland.com.
  • Cruisin’ the Corridor 5K or 10K.  If you register online you will receive a confirmation email from the registration company.  If you register by paper you will not receive any type of confirmation, you can email officemgr@visitashland.com to verify registration.

There is an error on my confirmation email. What should I do?
E-mail us at officemgr@visitashland.com.

When and where do I pick-up my race packet?
Race packet pick-up for the WhistleStop Marathon & Half Marathon will be held on October 9, 2021 at the Bretting Community Center, 400 4th Ave West, Ashland 12noon to 9pm.  There is also packet pick-up on Saturday morning, October 9 from 6am-7am for the Half Marathon and 6am-7am for the Full Marathon at the Bretting Community Center as well.
Race packet pick-up for Cruisin’ the Corridor 5K & 10K races will be from 12noon to 9pm on Friday October 8 at the Vaughn Library  There is also packet pick-up on Saturday morning, October 9 from 6am-7am for the for Cruisin the Corridor at the Vaughn library as well.

I lost my confirmation email. What do I do?
Don’t panic.  If you loose your confirmation email, bring a photo ID with you to race packet pick-up and present it to one of the volunteers at the packet pick up area.

I am not able to make it to Race Packet Pick-up. What are my options?
If you cannot make it to packet pick-up you may have another person (family member or friend) pick up your race packet for you. The person picking up your race packet will need the following:

  • A letter of authorization from you (example: I, Jane Doe, authorize John Smith to pick up my race packet)
  • He or she will need to present these materials to one of the volunteers at the packet pick-up area.
  • They will also need to verify the spelling of your name, age, DOB, event you are participating in and address.

I am injured, pregnant, or no longer able to attend the race, can I get a refund?
Entry fees are non-refundable. The only exception that will be made to our “no refund policy” is for those who are on active military duty and are deployed for service (a copy of deployment orders is required).

Can I defer my entry to next year?
No. Entry deferments are not permitted under any circumstances.

Can I give/sell my registration to another person?
Yes but you need to do the following:  If you have registered for the WhistleStop Marathon or Half Marathon you may sell or pass on your registration to another person.  In order for this to happen you must send us an email officemgr@visitashland.com notifying us you are allowing us to change your registration to the person and then the person filling your spot must fill out a registration form and email it to our office officemgr@visitashland.com.  There may be a fee depending on the date the request is made.  There is no trading of bib numbers with out this being done.  This is for the racers safety.  If someone was to run under your bib and became injured, they would be treated as if they were you.

Can someone run in my place?
No someone should not run in your place.  If for some reason you are unable to participate.  You can transfer your registration to another person.  (see question above)  Legally, for insurance and injury purposes no one can run under your name.  If someone was to run under your bib and became injured, they would be treated as if they were you.

Can I switch from the marathon to the half marathon or to the 5K or 10K?
Normally we allow this BUT in 2021 since we are capping the races we would need to see where our race numbers are at.  So there is no guarantee that you can transfer your race.   If there is enough room prior to September 22nd  by e-mail info@visitashland.com.  There will be no refunds issued when switching to the 5K or 10K.
From September 22 - October 4, there is a $10.00 to change racers.  After October 4, NO RACE CHANGES will be allowed.  Again this is only if there is space available in the race you would like to switch to.

What is the cancelation/refund policy?
We have a no refund policy if the in person race takes place
The in-person race(s) will only be cancelled due to life threatening conditions (Covid, weather, etc.).
The status of the 2021 MMC WhistleStop weekend is subject to change at any time.
We realize that the COVID-19 pandemic is a dynamic situation, and we will continue to monitor all updates from the Wisconsin Department of Health and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control).  If the status of the event changes, we will notify participants via email as soon as possible.
If COVID-19 conditions don’t improve and the in-person marathon/half-marathon weekend races are cancelled, registrations for those who registered for the in-person races will automatically be converted to the virtual races and details for reporting finishing times will be emailed to participants. If at that time you choose not to participate in the virtual, we will refund you 50% of your race registration fee.  We will not defer registrants to 2022.

Can I drive to the starting line and leave my car there?
Racers are encouraged to take the shuttle buses from the designated finish line area at the Bay Area Civic Center on Saturday morning prior to the race to the start lines.   We DO NOT bus runners back to these start lines after the race. However if you have spectators willing to drive you to the start, please follow these guidelines:

  • FULL MARATHON – There is NO PARKING at the race start, however there is a parking corral area at South Shore Sand & Gravel on US Hwy 2, 1.5 miles from the Full Marathon start.  Racers and spectators can park in this area and shuttled to the full marathon race start area.  Spectators will be bused back to the parking area after the runners have started. Runners will not be bused back to this area after the race.
  • HALF MARATHON – For the Half Marathon there is ample parking at the Half-marathon start line.  Racers and spectators can park here.  Racers need to remember that they will not be bussed back to this area after the race. Spectators will enjoy this spot because not only will you view the half-marathoners start, they are able to see runners returning to this area as they complete the 3 mile mark (approximately 20 minutes later).
  • 5K & 10K  - For the 5K and 10K there is no parking areas available.  Racers are encouraged to take the shuttle buses designated from the Finish Line area for the 5K & 10K racers.  If you are planning to be dropped off the driver is asked to leave the area right away because space is limited. Drivers should leave the area.

For a complete lodging list, check out our website www.visitashland.com, or call the Ashland Chamber of Commerce (715) 682-2500. We encourage you to begin looking for lodging as early as possible as room availability is limited near the finish line area & festivities and fill up quickly.  If you have a large group (10 or more) and are looking for lodging space together contact our office at (715) 682-2500.

I want to volunteer! Who do I contact?
The WhistleStop committee loves the help we receive from spectators waiting for their loved ones to come in.  Contact JoAnn at the Chamber office at (715) 682-2500 or e-mail her at officemgr@visitashland.com.

Can I walk the Full or Half Marathon?
We do not have a walking division for the WhistleStop Marathon or the Half-Marathon.  Their is NO WALKING for the Full Marathon.  Walking the full marathon within a 6 hour clock is nearly impossible.  Because of the 6 hour clock walking IS ALLOWED for the Half Marathon, and is very doable and quite fun.  Walkers are asked to use racer etiquette, this includes lining up after the runners at the start lines, to stay on the right hand side of the course and please, do not walk three or four abreast on the trail.  Make sure you allow runners to pass on the trail.

What type of Sport drink is available on the trail?
Blue (Mountain Blast) PowerAde is the Sport drink provided at the aid stations on the trail, water will be available as well.

Where can I park on race day?
There is ample parking in various parking areas within 3 blocks of the Finish line – Bay Area Civic Center.  We ask that you choose these options and leave Main Street open to shoppers.  Designated areas are as follows;

East of the Bay Area Civic Center:
BMO Harris Bank
Select Benefits
Superior Choice Credit Union
Chequamegon Clinic Area
North of the Bay Area Civic Center
Ashland County Court House
Northern State Bank
North and West of the Bay Area Civic Center:
Parking Lot on the corner of 6th and Main Street
Anich, Wickman & Lindsey S.C

Can I run with… my pet, baby stroller…?
No automobiles, bicycles, baby joggers, roller skis, inline skates, pets or unofficial participants will be allowed on the race course.

Can someone join me on my run?
No.   Unless they are a paid participant NO ONE should run the course with you. 

Can I use my Ipod?
For safety reasons we strongly discourage runners from using any such devices during the race.  If you feel that you must have one with you please keep the volume low so that you can hear vehicular traffic, instructions from the police or course marshals, and comments from nearby runners.

Address for the Bretting Community Center
400 4th Ave West, Ashland, WI  54806

Address for the Bay Area Civic Center
320 4th Ave West, Ashland, WI  54806

Address for the Half Marathon Start
23700 Pilsen Town Rd, Moquah, WI

Address for the Full Marathon Parking Area
68280 Primrose Lane, Iron River, WI

Can I drop clothing along the course?
We suggest if you are going to shed clothing you do so at an aide station.  The items will be brought to the Finish line area where the bag drop is located, inside the Bay Area Civic Center.  The earliest clothing that is dropped along the course would make it to the Bay Area Civic Center would be 3pm.  WhistleStop organizers are not responsible for lost clothing.

Lost & Found
Lost & Found items will be held for 2 weeks after the race,  After that they will discarded or donated to a local charity.

How many runners does WhistleStop have?
In 2019 the WhistleStop Marathon had 400 registered runners and the Half Marathon had 1500 registered runners.

What are the times of the races?

Cruisin the Corridor 5K & 10K starts at 8am
Memorial Medical Center Half-Marathon starts at 8:30am
Memorial Medical Center Marathon starts at 8:30am

IMPORTANT: Due to circumstances and public health concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, spectators are discouraged from attending the 2021 MMC WhistleStop weekend.