Event Schedule


This page will be updated as we get closer to race day.

Race Times Saturday, October 9, 2021

  • WhistleStop Half-Marathon 8:30 a.m. 
  • WhistleStop Full Marathon 8:30 a.m.
  • Cruisin’ the Corridor 5K and 10K Begins at 8:00 a.m.

Walkers are only allowed for the 5K/10K/Half-Marathon but there is no walking division.

Packet Pick-up  Masks & Face Coverings required.
Packet Pick-Up for the Full and Half-Marathon will be held at the Bretting Community Center, located just west of the Bay Area Civic Center.  400 4th Ave West, Ashland.

  • Friday, October 8, from 12noon-9pm.
  • Saturday morning October 9, 6-7am for the Marathon, Half-Marathon 

Packet Pick-up  Masks & Face Coverings required.
Packet Pick-Up for the Cruisin’ the Corridor will be held at the Vaughn Library, located just north of the Bay Area Civic Center.  502 Main Street West, Ashland.

  • Friday, October 8, from 12noon-9pm.
  • Saturday morning October 9, 6-7am 

The Memorial Medical Center WhistleStop Marathon provides shuttle service, for runners only, from the Bay Area Civic Center to the Race Start lines on the morning of the race, October 9. You must have your official race number visible to board the bus. Buses will be marked Marathon or Half-Marathon – make sure you are on the correct bus. There will be no shuttle service back to the start lines after the race.

Bus schedule is as follows:  Masks & Face Coverings required.
Memorial Medical Center Full and Half-marathon buses will depart from the east of the Bay Area Civic Center (Depot side) at:

  • 6:15am for the Half-Marathon with last bus leaving at 7:30am
  • 6:30am for the Full Marathon with last bus leaving at 7:15am

The bus pick-up for the full and Half-marathon is on Depot Drive to the east of the Depot building. There will be no parking allowed on Depot Drive.  Please load buses as soon as possible. DO NOT WAIT until the last bus! This could delay the race start time, we only have so many buses.

Cruisin’ the Corridor 5K & 10K buses will depart from the north of the Bay Area Civic Center (Associated Bank side) at: 7am with last bus leaving at 7:15am.

Click here for a map of shuttle bus pick-up

COVID 19 procedures for 2021
Masks & Face Coverings – All participants, volunteers, staff, and others present will be required to wear a mask or face covering at all times other than while actively participating in a race. This includes but is not limited to on the bus, in the start corral, and after crossing the finish line.

6 Hour Clock
The WhistleStop Marathon runs on a 6 hour clock. If you cannot finish your desired race within the 6 hour clock please transfer to a distance that you can finish in 6 hours.

Bag Drop at Start Lines
Trucks will be provided at the start lines of the Full and Half-marathon for racers to deposit warm-up bags. Bags and orange stickers with your bib number on it will be provided in your race packet, which you will pick up on Friday night. Verify that the number on the orange sticker and your bib number match. Affix the orange sticker to the white bag in your packet. The bags will be brought to the Bretting Community Center, 400 4th Ave West (where the full and half marathon race packet pick-up was, Masks & Face Coverings required.) and will be arranged in order according to your race number. Volunteers will be on hand to assist you in locating your bag. Please do not leave valuables in your bag and make sure your bag is closed and tied. Race officials are not responsible for loose clothing or clothes dropped off along the race course. Clothing dropped along the course will not be returned until the sweep vehicle has returned, after 3pm on race day. Lost and found will be held for 2 weeks after the race.

Energy Drink on the course:
Blue (Berry) powerade will be served on the course.

Race Course Courtesy
Each participant should consider courtesy on the course.  Please keep the following in mind:

  • At the starting line and along the course, be respectful of residents’ property.  Please use the portable toilets provided, rather than private yards or gardens, and use discretion along the course in this respect.
  • Please hang on to energy bar and gel wrappers until you can drop them at a water station.
  • Remember Emergency vehicles have the right of way at all times during the race.  The police and traffic Control volunteers have YOUR safety in mind and deserve to be treated respectfully by runners and spectators alike.
  • Runners who have finished the race are to be considerate of their fellow runners when leaving the finish area by avoiding interference with those runners approaching the finish line..
  • Walkers are asked to use racer etiquette, this includes:  Please line up after the runners at the start Line.  Please DO NOT walk 3 or 4 abreast on the trail. Stay on the right side of the trail.  Make sure you allow runners to pass on the trail many are trying to qualify for Boston.

Finish Line Area:
All finish line food and liquids will be under a special tent immediately adjacent and to the south of the finish line. Finish line food is for runners only. The medical tent will be located to the north side of the finish line. Volunteers will be on hand to assist you to the med tent if necessary. Marathon & Half-marathon finisher’s shirts will be in the large festival tent, with concessions and souvenir merchandise for sale. For a map of the finish area please click here. (map will be updated closer to race day)

Memorial Medical Center WhistleStop 2021 Finisher Shirts:
We pride ourselves in having the ultimate finisher item.  This year is a full zip jacket  classic fall color that you can wear running or to a social event.  It’s made of heaver wicking material, and, a picture of Lake Superior on the back!  So Cool!

Sims Photography
The Memorial Medical Center WhistleStop Marathon and Half-Marathon welcomes Sports in Motion Photography as the official photographers for the 2021 race. Sports in Motion Photography specializes in digital sports photography. Their photographers shoot marathons, triathlons, and road races of different lengths. They also enjoy shooting adventure sports and mountain bike races. On race day, the company will provide a photographer to catch you in action on the course and crossing the finish line. After race day, the next few days are spent identifying you amongst the few thousand photos that are taken on the day of the event. They use your race number, so make sure you have it visible on the front of your body. After they identify you, they post the photos on the company website at www.simphotos.com where you can view and purchase if you like through the secure site.

Awards for the Full & Half-Marathon - click here for more information on awards.
Awards this year will be mailed to our top three overall male and female winners!
We are personalizing a beautiful running shirt with the place on the sleeve for our overall winners.
Age Class awards will be mailed as well – However, if you know for sure you won an age class, we are happy to give them to you that day!

While there is ample parking within 2 blocks of the Bay Area Civic Center and available on the side streets in Ashland, we ask that you not park on Main Street. Please leave this for shoppers. Parking is available at the following spots after 5pm on Friday, October 8, and all day on Saturday, October 9:

  • BMO Harris Bank Parking Lot, Ellis & 3rd Street, 2 blocks east of the finish line
  • Select Benefits Parking Lot, Ellis & 3rd Street, 2 blocks east of the finish line
  • Superior Credit Union Parking Lot, Ellis & Depot Dr., 2 blocks east of the finish line
  • Ashland County Courthouse Parking Lot, Lake Shore Drive between 2nd & 3rd Ave.1 block north of finish line
  • Northern State Bank Parking Lot, Hwy 2 and 4th Ave West (behind bank & Bob’s Factory Outlet), 1 block north of finish line 3rd Ave West & 3rd St.
  • Anich, Wickman & Lindsey S.C Parking Lot, 220 6th Ave West, 3 blocks west of finish line
  • Corner of Main Street & 6th Ave West, 5 blocks west of finish line.

Click here for a map of available parking areas.