WhistleStop Form

Registration for the 2023 WhistleStop Marathon/Half-Marathon/5K/10K is now OPEN! 

Information below is for 2023.

To register for: 

In-Person Memorial Medical Center WhistleStop Marathon/Half Marathon You can register 2 ways


REGISTRATION for the FULL and Half Marathon
Regstration CLOSES OCTOBER 6, 2023

There will be NO FRIDAY NIGHT REGISTRATION, so if you are thinking about participating register NOW!

To register for: 

The Virtual Memorial Medical Center WhistleStop Marathon/Half Marathon.

To register for Memorial Medical Center WhistleStop 5K/10K  Click here!

Entry fees are not refundable.
The race(s) will only be cancelled due to life threatening conditions (weather, covid, etc.).
The status of the 2023 MMC WhistleStop weekend is subject to change at any time. We realize that the COVID-19 pandemic is a still lingering, and we will continue to monitor all updates from the Wisconsin Department of Health and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control).  If the status of the event changes, we will notify participants via email as soon as possible.
If COVID-19 conditions change and the in-person marathon/half-marathon weekend races are cancelled, registrations for those who registered for the in-person races will automatically be converted to the virtual races and details for reporting finishing times will be emailed to participants. If at that time you choose not to participate in the virtual, we will refund you 50% of your race registration fee.  We will not defer registrants to 2024.